Private Label Chemical Manufacturers

Here at Techtron, we want you to have complete control. Your private label chemical product is an extension of your business or brand. That’s why we only produce products that perform to high standards.

Our formulation chemists can produce bespoke products based on your specification, or you can pick a product from our huge formulation bank, the choice is yours. We offer a flexible approach to private label products and are able to offer low minimum order quantities to help you launch your products, before scaling production if needed.

When choosing Techtron for your private label chemicals, you have access to our extensive portfolio of materials and services, and an experienced team ready to produce the best product to your specification.

What We Offer


Techtron’s intellectual property is made up of 1000+ chemical formulations, covering various market sectors including automotive, janitorial, household, aerospace, pet and veterinary, bike care and leisure, hand care, corrosion inhibitors, - institutional cleaners, garden care and maintenance.  

If you prefer, we can develop bespoke products. We have our own onsite laboratory with formulation chemists that can design you a bespoke product in line with a specification or brief.  We'll conduct the necessary stability and product packaging compatibility tests to give you peace of mind your product will be stable over its entire lifespan. We offer development with no upfront costs and we deliver all of our samples free of charge.


We offer a state-of-the-art contract chemical blending facility, comprising four five-ton bespoke vessels that have been designed especially for us. Some of the vessels are mounted on load cells for increased accuracy and all are controlled from a fully-automated PLC control panel. We can blend anything from 200L – 5000L per mixing vessel, simultaneously. This means that we can offer complete flexibility to scale the production of your products if needed. Learn more about chemical blending.


Techtron offers a flexible packing service to suit most customer’s needs. Our packing hall consists of six packing lines, capable of filling from 50ml to 1000L. Each of the packing lines can be easily adjusted to cater for a variety of pack sizes and shapes.

The chemical filling machines handle water-thin liquids through to highly viscous products at speed, ensuring efficiency and allowing Techtron to provide value-for-money production. We have packing lines that are fitted with induction heat sealers, metal detection and in-line shrink wrapping for sleeve or shelf-ready display units. When developing private label chemicals with Techtron, you have access to our network of suppliers to ensure that you have a great range of packaging options to choose from.


All our private label products are released with corresponding safety documentation, including your own branded safety data sheets and a labelling content form with all necessary on-pack information.

We give our customers confidence that we are competent to develop, manufacture and fill your product by having our plant, its processes and procedures audited annually to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard. The Consumer Product Standard requires standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria to ensure legal compliance and protection of the end customer and the finished product during its manufacture. Techtron are also audited by Sedex annually to ensure that responsible and ethical business practices are employed for Labour, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. Learn more here.

We are also in the process of preparing the implementation of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Delivery and Logistics

All products are quoted ex-works, giving you the flexibility to collect your own goods or we have the facility to deliver.  If required, transport can be arranged to deliver products directly to you or your chosen destination. We have experience working with third-party pick and pack warehouses for kitting operations and we also deliver directly to Amazon and many other companies. This means you can produce your own private label chemical products without needing any dedicated warehousing. Should your product be classified in accordance to ADR for transport via road, rail or sea, we have access to Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors for shipment of products around the UK and into Europe.

After Sales Support

Our dedicated Account Managers are only a call away. We don’t disappear after the sale is complete.  We'll help you to identify more opportunities within your chosen markets and, should you receive any technical questions about your products, we’d be happy to assist.

If you would like to book a visit or require further information

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