World Vegan Day

1st November 2019

The term 'vegan' often sparks a debate into our own ethical life choices. As a formulator of cosmetic pet products, we often focus our attention on the question ‘Do you really need to use animal derived raw materials within pet products?’ The simple answer is NO, and as a company we’re always proud to support vegan product development.
Vegan Chemical and Cosmetic Formulation

We’re happy to support any customer who requires this by designing bespoke vegan products, tailored exactly to their requirements. We can also apply on your behalf for certification, which certifies the raw materials used in the product as suitable for vegans. Read our statement from Joanne, our Head Formulation Chemist:

‘To formulate a vegan approved product, it involves a careful material selection process. Within this, we take our time gaining statements from suppliers to ensure the material contains no animal derived products and is ethically sourced. Commonly, you can be faced with a statement ‘to the best of our knowledge’. This isn’t good enough, so it involves further investigation through the supply chain.’

We look to build vegan formulations using plant-based surfactants, which we see in the market becoming more mainstream. Typically, we’d then combine this with botanical extracts and oils to meet the performance claims the product requires. Even in fragrance selection, we tend to move away from synthetic fragrances and use essential oils to generate a desirable smell.’

Achieving Authenticity
Applying for the Vegan Society trademark would enable you to use their logo on your packaging and marketing, ensuring the world can see your ethical claims. The team here at Techtron are happy to support any customer who requires this, by designing bespoke Vegan products and applying on your behalf, certifying raw materials used in the product as suitable for Vegans. For more information on the Vegan Society trademark, visit


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