Techtron Invests in New Staff Due to Increased Manufacturing Demand

6th May 2021

It's important for us to continually invest in our staff, to maintain a high level of service across all of our departments. This is one of the numerous investments we continually make at our facility, including quality management processes, new machinery, and laboratory equipment.

To make sure we remain market leaders in the industry, we've recently invested in new staff throughout our regulatory and compliance, quality control, and laboratory departments. Due to the growing demand for chemical manufacturing, we identified the need to strengthen and develop our staff resources, to service an increased number of customers.

Department Investments

Our regulatory and compliance department is crucial to ensure Techtron products comply with all relevant industry regulations, including GB REACH, GB CLP, and Biocides amongst others. Our team also obtains any information needed surrounding raw materials suppliers, so we can continue to manufacture products safely.

Our investment in this department means that our customers benefit from trust and confidence in the regulatory and compliance processes at Techtron, as we effectively implement action against changes that may occur at any time. 

Recent laboratory staff investments have been made to expand our technical department. Our in-house laboratory team are continually working on new product developments for our customers, proactively developing new products to add to our private label ranges and conducting tests to ensure all products we produce are within specification. Investing in our laboratory team will benefit our customers by ensuring each product is quality checked against specific specifications.

Expanding our technical team also increases our resource within product development which will help us to expand our range of product offerings to suit a variety of customer requirements.

The Importance of New Staff Investment

Chemical manufacturing is a highly demanding and adaptive industry due to the broad range of customer industries involved. We service a variety of customers such as, but not limited to, pet care, automotive, janitorial and agrochemical. Each industry we serve requires our technical staff to possess a high level of knowledge in order to produce high-quality products that adhere to all industry regulations.

There is also a diverse range of services within chemical manufacturing, such as chemical formulation, blending, filling, private labelling and white labelling. As a chemical manufacturer, we often become involved at different stages of the product development process, depending on the bespoke needs of each customer.

Investing in new staff opportunities throughout our departments has allowed us to continue to provide high-quality customer service whilst expanding our manufacturing capabilities.

Techtron will continue to invest in new staff as the demand for our chemical manufacturing and contract packing services grows to ensure our services remain efficient and competitive for our customers.

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