Tips for Upselling

1. Don’t ask the client what they want. TELL them what they NEED!

Asking a client, “Would you like….?” will usually end in a NO. It’s an automatic response! From your knowledge as a professional groomer, tell them what they need and they are more likely to respect your advice and buy a product from you when they leave. When you are asked “What do you recommend?” or “What do you use?” take the opportunity to upsell your products and services. After all, they trust your knowledge.

2. If the client asks you about a treatment, start with the deluxe option and work down.

Selling your higher cost products and services will increase your revenue more quickly. If you don’t start with the deluxe option, the client may not even be aware they want it.

3. Your client has booked a basic service. Are you offering them a chance to upgrade?

Is the client being offered the chance to convert a single treatment to a course of treatments? By listening to your clients' needs, you can create new revenue by offering relevant services or products that can accompany their basic service.

4. Your clients rely on a professional opinion. Know why your products and services are essential for their breed.

As a professional groomer, you know what the needs of the breed are and essential services they would require. The client is more than likely unaware unless you tell them.

5. Your client is in the waiting room. Are the products and services on display?

The time your clients spend waiting for their service is a perfect chance to expose them to what you offer, and then upsell products and services. Displays should be in windows for clients to browse passing by and on counter tops for clients to browse through the products and services you sell. Fragrance testers are also great in waiting areas for clients to sample products.

6. A client has used your service and bought your products. Call on a future date to see if they wanted to come back or need the product replenished.

Keep notes on what products a client has bought from you and ask them how they are getting on with them or whether they need to replenish anything they may be running out of. This way, you can also alert your clients to special offers on products they like and, in turn, potentially upsell products and services. Keep recommending the same products until they realise they NEED them!

7. Your client regularly uses your service. Offer a rewards card and reward them with a new product to try.

The ultimate upselling and promotional tool to grow your own business is offering treats of services or products they have not experienced before. This lets customers try new services and products which in turn encourages multiple bookings, maximising your upselling opportunities.

8. All your clients will use social media! Regularly update your social media accounts to advertise new products and services.

It is a must for grooming salons to have a Facebook and Instagram page that is interactive and engaging. How will a potential client know about your products unless they visit the salon?

9. Your client base is growing. Keep notes on all your clients with services or products they may have shown interest in.

By recalling the clients prior visits, there may have been products you did not previously sell them that you recommended at the time. Keep recommending the same products until they realise they NEED them!

10. Make some friends and get to know other local businesses around you. 

By visiting other local businesses around you, let them know what you are doing and ask for them to stock some of your products on their shelves. Someone else could be selling your product for you, what’s to lose?

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