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Techtron has worked for many years with customers in the Automotive and Maintenance sectors, solving day-to-day cleaning problems through to the heavy-duty issues they face. Whether you need a formulation service, blending or contract packing, we can help.

Our teams have worked to develop detailing products for car valet, parts washer solutions, traffic film removers and degreasers, non-caustic vehicle wash products, neutral detergents and surfactants, cleaners with good rinse properties and vehicle shampoos.  We can work with you to formulate pre-spray products, aluminium and alloy cleaners, trailer sanitisers, vehicle fabric and upholstery cleaners, sanitisers and odour controllers, glass cleaners and vehicle curtain maintenance systems.

We can offer expertise in the manufacture of all-purpose sprays and penetrants, cleaners and degreasers for electric sensitive areas, restorers for plastics, vinyl and coated surfaces.  We can help you develop hard surface cleaners, products for removing ingrained soiling, water-based alternatives to cellulose thinners and paint strippers.

Our team would be delighted to talk to you about the formulation of pressure washer cleaners, sanitising cleaners that give biocidal control, products to remove corrosion from mild steel, aluminium and other alloys and stainless steel and galvanised steel cleaners.  We have experience in developing corrosion protection products, maintenance packs, hand care ranges and concrete removal packs

Techtron has a wealth of experience in working with customers to manufacture liquids that will solve a variety of carpet and upholstery problems.  We would be delighted to work with you to develop bespoke formulations. 

We have worked in partnership with existing customers to manufacture an impressive array of products to tackle carpet and upholstery issues.  Our experience includes the development of medium duty, economical, low foaming alkaline cleaners, medium to heavy-duty cleaners, neutral water-based degreasers, heavy-duty water-based alkaline cleaners,

We develop and manufacture concentrate detergents, foam control products for extraction machines, dry foam cleaners, solvent degreaser, stain guards, leather conditioners, water-based flame-retardant preparations.  We have carpet stain kits, rust stain removers, water-based gels, oil-based stain removers and fabric waterproofers.

We have the technical capability to work with our customers to formulate liquid solutions to help solve a variety of issues in this sector.  For more information on degreaser formulation, traffic film remover formulation or any other product, please get in touch with us.

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