Chemical Repacking

Techtron offers a flexible chemical repacking service, where we can work to repack bulk containers of chemical products into various smaller containers, depending on the customer’s needs. This could be a container supplied by the customer or we can repack your products into containers that we source from our network of approved suppliers.

Flexible Chemical Repacking

Techtron’s packing hall contains four separate packing lines, which are capable of repacking containers from as small as 50ml up to 1000L. These flexible lines have the capability of handling most standard sizes and shapes of packaging, in addition to being able to run products that range in viscosity. Anything from water-thin liquids to liquids with a shampoo-type viscosity.

Techtron are able to utilise our high-performance filling machines for high-speed chemical repackaging, providing a fast and economic service whilst being flexible enough to cater to most business’s needs.

We work with a network of approved packaging suppliers who we can utilise to source components you require when using our chemical repacking service. These may be bottles, jerrycans, caps, trigger sprays, pumps, or cases.

Accredited Service

Techtron are a BRC accredited facility for Consumer products achieving Grade AA in our latest audit. Our robust Quality Management System guarantees product standardisation. We operate with robust safety measures and operational criteria to ensure legal compliance and protection of the employees, customers brand/reputation and the finished product during its manufacture.

Techtron are also an accredited member of the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) which is renowned throughout the UK and European packing industry.

We welcome any third-party audits to our manufacturing facility to give our customers confidence in our high-level quality management systems and operational procedures.

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