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Techtron packages and supplies products for sale under retailer and customer own brands and will build long-term partnerships as well as respond to short-term production requirements, to cover peak demand requests. Our contract chemical packaging solution includes a range of comprehensive liquid packaging services, carried out at our specialist UK manufacturing facility.

As an established UK-based contract packer, Techtron offers a versatile contract packing chemical facility to suit most customers’ powder and liquid packaging needs. The packing hall consists of six packing lines, capable of filling from 50ml to 1000L. Each of the packing lines can be simply adjusted to cater for a variety of pick sizes and packaging designs.

The chemical filling machines are able to handle water thin liquids through to highly viscous products at speed, ensuring efficiency and allowing Techtron to provide value-for-money. A number of the packing lines are fitted with induction heat sealers, metal detection and in-line shrink wrapping for sleeve or shelf-ready display units.

We have also invested in a custom built packing line capable of packing larger pack sizes (20L), at speed, directly onto their pallets in the intended configuration.  We're a flexible company and, with our versatile packing systems and dynamic approach, we can meet your contract packaging needs.

Our small pack room allows us to offer maximum flexibility on small chemical bottling runs for our customers.  We have various smaller filling machines capable of packing from 50ml to 20L. It can offer services to pack water thin liquids, viscous products, creams and pastes. The facility is often used for start-up projects, newly released product ranges with uncertain volumes, scale up projects, project viability assessment and consumer product trials and the ability to package more hazardous chemical products. As one of the top contract bottling companies in the UK, we can provide a wealth of experience in this area.

The powder and liquid packaging capability of the plant also extends to sachet filling. Techtron has invested in a state-of-the-art Gainsborough sachet machine capable of filling liquids and powders in laminate, metallic, paper and soluble sachet format. The machine is capable of packing smaller runs for trial purposes as well as extended powder & liquid packaging runs. Finished sachets can be packed side-by-side into buckets, cases and shelf-ready cartons. Techtron offers a design service that can facilitate the construction of your finished product.

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