Chemical Mixing

Our modern, high-performance chemical mixing facility is comprised of four separate five-tonne mixing vessels, designed specifically for Techtron. Our chemical mixing vessels are controlled from a fully automated PLC control panel. We also have a range of IBC and drums mixers that can be utilised for smaller blends, allowing for excellent flexibility.  

Chemical Mixing at the Highest Standards

All of Techtron’s chemical mixing tanks are constructed from food-grade stainless steel and are equipped with fully automated CIP (Cleaning In Place) regimes to keep the tanks hygienically clean.

Two of our vessels are fitted with direct acid and base feeds to minimise exposure of our mixing personnel and we have the unique capability of handling exothermic chemical reactions with inline heat exchangers and temperature control systems.

Each of the chemical mixing tanks we have on-site can be fed by a double-filtered UV treated mains water feed system, or when necessary they can be filled from a filled deionised water plant, complete with reverse osmosis that generates water to pharmaceutical specification.

Our automated system allows each vessel to be transferred to one of our five chemical storage tanks (three stainless steel, two polyethylene) located within our packing hall. This stored liquid can then be seamlessly run though our filling and labelling machines or alternatively transferred directly to IBC.

Expertise and Ongoing Training

Our chemical mixing team have a combined experience of over 50 years. As a company, Techtron are continually investing to keep staff fully trained. We offer an inhouse training program to ensure that the expertise we’ve cultivated over the years is transferred to the next generation of chemical mixing scientists in Techtron.

If you’re interested in our chemical mixing service, speak with our team. Not sure what you need? They can help find your exact requirements and the right service for you.  

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