Our New Dog Shampoo

1st March 2017

These days, dog owners are faced with many challenges in maintaining their pet’s health. People are becoming more informed and educated about the products they use and the ingredients they contain, as well as having high expectations in terms of performance.  

One of the ever-present challenges is hygiene and maintaining a healthy coat and skin. Many dogs suffer from skin conditions and attacks from bugs, fleas and mild irritations – but we’ve come up with a natural product that can help.

99% Natural Dog Shampoo

Many people are moving away from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) based grooming products in favour of more natural formulations, We’ve designed and developed (from a blank page) a 99% natural, sulfate, silicone and paraben free shampoo, designed to soothe itchy and irritated skin. This means consumers can use a natural formulation that delivers real health benefits for their dog.

This dog shampoo contains a unique Ecocert-approved colloidal oatmeal, concentrated aloe vera and Provitamin B5. Its mild cleaning action helps to protect and moisturise skin, reduces greasiness of fur and relieves minor skin irritations such as Eczema, rashes and insect bites.

Scientific Challenges

The product was challenging to design, because we were limited to natural materials.

To suspend the outer kernels of oat, which contain avenanthramides proven to reduce the inflammatory response and alleviate skin redness, the product required a superior suspension system where viscosity building with natural materials is not easily achieved.

After months of optimisation, we had produced a premium shampoo with excellent textural characteristics and a luxurious feel. The shampoo also incorporates top-quality fur conditioning agents which help re-plump, soften and protect hair – both from the physical damage of brushing and combing, and chemical dryness.

The optimised ratio of surfactants, attained from renewable sources, provide a highly-concentrated shampoo that can to be diluted 32:1. That means it’s a very economical product to use. The shampoo offers outstanding performance, matching market-leading SLES based products to satisfy groomer’s requirements. 

Flash foaming and foam density often underpin the perception of a product’s effectiveness, and many dog shampoos in the market are based on SLES, producing high levels of foam. SLES is easily thickened with common salt (Sodium Chloride) to give a viscous product.  Generally, more natural formulations have failed to deliver and meet consumer expectations as the ingredients are not a direct replacement for SLES.

Our technical team researched synergistic interactions between the ingredients to deliver a product that performs as well as a SLES based formulations and delivers health benefits. We think it’s the best natural colloidal dog shampoo on the market.

The incorporation an organic allergen-free fragrance provides long-lasting freshness and an exclusive scent. No artificial colours, enzymes or alcohols are contained within this product.

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