Our Latest £13k Investment

14th October 2019

Techtron has invested in an Enercon Superseal, which is an efficient in-line induction heat sealing for liquid chemical products for all sectors. The investment is worth nearly £13,000 and allows us to further meet the needs of customers looking to sell products via online ecommerce platforms, improving the safety of chemicals in the delivery and transport system.

The in-line induction heat sealing system will provide tamper evidence for all customer products, with the use of an IHS cap and it allows an extended product shelf life by preventing oxygen and moisture transmission into the product.

Techtron’s new IHS system will provide counterfeit protection and will show customers that the product has not been modified.

Chemical liquids are notoriously difficult to ship through postage systems, with a high risk to products leaking through accidental damage. By introducing induction heat sealing to your product, this eradicates the chance of leaking, therefore there will also be a reduction in cost due to a reduction in products being returned. 

Induction heat sealing offers a solution that is more environmental when compared to other sealing systems ie bagging.
Techtron’s new IHS system will be beneficial to all companies that ship products via online ecommerce platforms and large brands that are concerned about brand imitations or counterfeit problems.

If you interested to find out more about our capabilities call one of our team to discuss in more detail on 01244 281628.


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