Regulatory & Compliance

Techtron strives to ensure that each customer has the reassurance and confidence that they are dealing with a company that they can fully trust to keep all of their data confidential. At the heart of the chemical industry is the important legislation that underpins it. Techtron has invested in a technical and regulatory department who continually review how they can develop and reformulate products to deliver the same performance, whilst being safer for use with a lower classification for both human and environmental safety. Our regulatory team has a wide-ranging knowledge of the CLP, REACH, the Cosmetic Directive, the Detergent Regulations, Biocidal Products Regulation and the requirements of the VMD during formulation and ADR/IMDG during transport of the product.

In 2010 Techtron implemented a market-leading safety classification software system in order to aid the production of our customers’ Safety Data Sheets (SDS), label compliance and user guidance information. The team remains updated with legislation changes through chemical, regulatory and health and safety website subscriptions, liaising closely with our raw material suppliers, regular attendance to conferences and seminars and our strong relationships with industry affiliations.  Techtron holds membership and subscriptions to contract and chemical manufacturer industry bodies and associations, including the British Contract Manufacturing and Packing Association (BCMPA), British Association of Chemical Specialities (BACS) and the Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS). 

Techtron is also committed to the personal development of all staff and have facilitated many training programmes:

  • Chemical safety assessment for use and exposure to chemical products
  • Continual review of existing and new quality systems changes which can improve the finished product quality and scope of the plant
  • IATA and ADR for the transport of dangerous goods and provision of safety advice
  • Manual SDS classification training to ensure that each individual understands the production of the safety data sheets being produced by the safety classification software
  • Allergen handling and exposure training for the control of raw materials through COSHH and for assessment of the end use finished product 
  • Cosmetic product and human safety assessments
  • Environmental impact training to produce products with lower carbon footprints.



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