New Purchasing, Planning, and Quality Staff at Techtron

12th August 2021

As a part of our continual process development, we welcome four new members of staff in our purchasing, planning, and quality departments.

Our new starters are implementing new ideas to continue to improve our facility’s production processes, which will allow us to further improve the services we offer in this period of considerable growth.

Purchasing Manager

We welcomed a new Purchasing Manager in June who will be responsible for strengthening our supply chain.

Supply chain management is more important than ever during the current climate we find ourselves in, as the manufacturing industry continues to experience disruption due to the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit. It is crucial that we continue to work closely with our suppliers to gain visibility on any potential future issues.

With our purchasing manager working closely with our internal stock controller and our suppliers, we can ensure raw materials and packaging components are available to fulfil our customer’s orders.

Planning Manager

Whether a customer is releasing a new product or replenishing an existing line, it is important to have accurate production dates for the finished chemical products, so that their internal teams know exactly when a product will be ready for distribution/selling.

Our Planning Manager plays a vital role in our manufacturing facility running efficiently. The planning team are responsible for the continued accuracy and timeliness of the production process, ensuring that we work towards optimum capacity.

Quality Manager

Our new Quality Manager joined us in May. Some of the key responsibilities of our quality manager include ensuring that all finished products meet our high-quality standards before they are dispatched and resolving any conformance issues. The role also requires an understanding of customer expectations, whilst relaying information between key stakeholders throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that internal BRC procedures are followed. 

Quality is extremely important to us and to our customers. Whilst we always aim to keep non-conformances to a minimum, we are constantly reviewing our internal processes to further improve our efficiencies.

Quality Administrator

Our quality administrator plays a vital role within our business, it is crucial that all manufacturing documentation is accurate.

Our new Quality Administrator joined us in May and has since been supporting Techtron by producing and updating internal documentation to ensure that accurate information is provided to each of the departments within the business.

General Manager Clare Rowe and the rest of the Techtron team would like to welcome our new starters, we all look forward to working with you.

For more information, please contact 01244434380.

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