New Plant Additions

2nd March 2017

We have recently acquired some new equipment, so we can offer new and better services to clients.

Deionised water

We have invested in a new Pureflow 2000 reverse osmosis system which compliments the existing deionised water arrangements in order to increase the plant output of pharmaceutical-grade water. This investment has increased our ability to furnish customer requirements for products manufactured with deionised water.


We have recently installed a Flocap inline cap tightener and press. With all of the best elements of inline cap tightening technology, Flocap has provided a machine that outperforms competitors’ alternatives by providing a cost-effective, reliable and well-engineered cap tightening solution. With superior handling features, minimal set up times, no requirement for change parts and the generation of 30% more torque than other machines available on the market, Flocap has helped us to reduce the amount of labour that was previously required and utilise our staff in a more constructive manner.

Induction Heat Sealer

The recent installation of production inline Enercon induction heat sealers on both high-speed lines now allows us to package formulated products in accordance with postal specifications for liquid products for companies such as Amazon, eBay, mail order catalogues and TV shopping channels. An increase in these competencies now allows us to support existing customers to explore new online markets by achieving a perfect induction seal to protect their products and safeguard their reputation. We are now able to enter new contract packing markets, servicing online direct sales customers.

Premier Labellers

We have recently invested in two Premier P250 labellers, which have been installed on two of the high-speed lines. The Premier P250 is a fully automatic front, back and wraparound labelling system, designed to apply front, back, partial or full wrap labels to most shapes of container at speeds of up to 400 containers per minute.

The addition of these labellers now provide our Deeside facility with additional operational speed and flexibility to be able to label from 50ml to 5L, including back and front wrap around and push labelling. The new installation provides increased accuracy and quality in addition to a faster set up time due to the reduced machine changeover times with the touch-screen operation.

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