Manufacturing Industry in High Demand

12th February 2021

The contract manufacturing sector experienced increased demands throughout 2020 and that has continued into 2021.  COVID-19 restrictions, the furlough scheme, and Brexit preparations have disrupted supply chains across the United Kingdom.

Manufacturers have been operating with reduced staff and altered shift patterns, to maintain health and safety, and customer service. The back log of orders that has occurred due to this, is still being resolved by many manufacturers. Spending habits and product demands have also rapidly shifted throughout the pandemic, causing fluctuating orders at an accelerated pace to keep up with stock issues.

According to Rodney Steel the BCMPA’s Chief Executive, “despite all the challenges of 2020, from COVID-19 to Brexit, contract manufacturers, packers, fulfilment and logistic companies were busier than ever” (Nutraceutical Business Review, 2021).

Increased Demand Across All Sectors

Techtron is no exception to this; we have experienced an increased demand for manufacturing a wide variety of products across all key sectors, whilst ensuring staff health and safety.

We are proud of the steps we have taken to keep our team as safe as possible, whilst continuing production. We have rigorous social distancing and safe working practices at Techtron, and these have been in place since the pandemic onset, we have worked closely with Public Health Wales who have reviewed all the measures we applied to ensure that it is safe to operate. We have also implemented split shifts to keep operations running smoothly and safely.

Increasing Our Expertise

To keep up with industry demand, we are also increasing our team’s expertise, by recruiting an additional highly experienced Chemical Blender. We are also recruiting a Production Supervisor, to ensure operations continue to run effectively and safely.

Machine technology is continuously being reviewed, to determine how our resources can be best utilised with investment in new equipment.

Keeping Customers Updated

Our staff regularly speak with customers, to keep them personally informed about changing production requirements, the status of orders, and any supply chain demands.

Clare Rowe, Techtron’s General Manager, says: “The resilience of our staff and customers throughout this time has been extraordinary. We are hugely invested in our customers and they are with us. Our existing customer business is growing very positively, and we are delighted to be experiencing strong new business development. We look forward to continuing our partnerships throughout 2021”.

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Nutraceutical Business Review, 2021. BCMPA Reports Outsourcing Growth and Resilience. [online] Nutraceutical Business Review. Available at: [Accessed 5 February 2021].

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