Introducing Our New Private Label Pet Care Range

14th July 2021

Our New Product Development team have been busy developing our new private label pet care product range, designed specifically for all of our furry friends and those who help to look after them.  

The private label product range features 13 pet care formulations including bathing, coat care, health and wellbeing, and behavioural products, formulated using over 30 years of chemical manufacturing experience.

We’re continuing to develop new and exciting private label pet care products to help our customers keep up with the latest industry trends, including ethically sourced ingredients and ethical product claims. Our technical team maintain close relationships with our network of raw material suppliers to make sure we are always at the forefront of product innovation.   

Our current product offering is available to view in our new Techtron Pet brochure, available for download here.

General Manager Clare Rowe says, “the team at Techtron have worked incredibly hard over the past few months to create a streamlined pet care product brochure and six-step ordering process, to help our customers see how easy it is to order their own branded pet care product range. We are excited to share these products with our customers, and we continuously review our product range to make sure products are formulated using the latest ethically sourced ingredients and product claims”.

The Product Range

Our private label pet care products have been individually trialled for their performance with independent dog groomers and have completed passed both in-house 12-week product stability and packaging compatibility tests.

Oatmeal Shampoo

The pet bathing product range includes fragrance-free oatmeal shampoo, designed for dogs with dry or sensitive skin.

Oatmeal shampoo is a great product for pet groomers or pet owners, who want to improve coat vitality and condition using natural ingredients to soothe skin. We utilise hypoallergenic ingredients such as Colloidal Oatmeal, Pro Vitamin B5, and Aloe Vera, to ensure all breeds of dogs can benefit from a hydrating and deep cleansing formula.

Ear Cleaner

Our ear cleaner has been developed to help pet owners include ear care as part of their dog’s weekly healthcare regime.

Our pH balanced, natural ear cleaner is made from natural plant derived ingredients and contains botanical extracts. It has been specifically formulated to remove grease, wax and debris and includes skin moisturising agents to appease redness and irritation.

Lavender Calming Spray

Even though we try to limit stressors for dogs, they can still experience anxiety sometimes. Our behavioural pet care range includes a lavender calming spray which works to ease stress and anxiety dogs may experience from environmental changes or outside influences.

Baby Powder Cologne

Our baby powder cologne is formulated to contain a long lasting, allergen-free fragrance, that is still gentle on the skin. The formulation is also alcohol free to prevent skin from drying out and contains aloe vera to give the dog a natural, healthy shine.

These are just some of the private label products we offer, our offering will continue to expand as we develop more industry leading pet care products.

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