Improving Efficiencies

6th December 2019

We're pleased to have introduced 5S, a Japanese management tool, to improve customer service and standardise operations throughout the factory. This will reduce delays, reduce set-up times, improve overall efficiencies, improve quality and safety and ensure that any abnormalities are immediately identified. 

5S is derived from a Japanese management strategy which organises the workplace and upgrades workplace safety and processes, reduces waste, improves equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, and ensures product quality and increased efficiencies. This is captured through five key stages:

  • S1 – Sort
  • S2 - Shine
  • S3 – Straighten
  • S4 – Standardise
  • S5 – Sustain

We started the process in August 2019, developing a plan for each stage, including staff time allocated for 5S activities and ongoing evaluation of the results.

The overall 5S plan is to achieve increased efficiency targets of between 10% -30% by creating a more ergonomic workplace. With 5S in place, the Techtron team immediately reduced machine set up times, due to all tools being at hand and new standardised processes. Simplified working processes have also driven efficiency improvements in quality control and handling of the finished product through effective warehouse management. 

Most importantly for us, 5S will further improve staff health and safety, due to the reduction in waste within the workplace and standardised processes, leading to an enhanced, more ergonomic, stress-free environment.  Due to better organisation of materials, there should be no stretching or reaching for items and no lifting of heavy objects.

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