The Way We Were

Forecasts. Plans. Budgets. Schedules. With the day-to-day necessity to continually look forward and anticipate the future direction of a business it’s rare that we cast more than a passing numerical glance over our shoulder at where we’ve come from.

However a chance find of some old photos cast the mind back to where Techtron has come from. The three pictures show the site in the very early days in late 2007. The business had recently been established following the acquisition of the assets of a local company that had been recently liquidated. The set-up had been cobbled together to meet the needs of a handful of customers that transferred along with the assets. The whole operation consisted of one water tank (an IBC filled by hosepipe), a single overhead IBC mixer and one single head filling machine. The entire day to day business was handled by a team of five staff who specialised in multi-tasking.

Fast forwarding to 2016 and looking at the current site it’s a struggle to picture where we’ve come from. The current site has benefited from significant investment, both from our parent company and support from the Welsh Assembly. On the blend side we’ve now got four PLC controlled 5000L stainless steel tanks, with load cells and cooling facilities. Mains water is stored in a 17000L bulk tank, complimented by a De-Ionised Water plant and storage facility. This allows us an output in the region of 30,000,000 litres of blended product per year.

On the packing side we’ve moved onto greater things. Three multi-head in line fillers handle the small packs from 5 litres down to 50ml. Alongside these we’ve built a bespoke 16-head filler that takes care of all of our 20L drum requirements. Whilst these all offer high levels of efficiency we’ve managed to build in flexibility to handle the many and varied demands of our customers, along with spare capacity to handle our ambitious growth plans. In addition to our core liquid filling lines we also have a sachet filling machine that handles liquids and powders, and a small pack room set up to handle market test runs and specialist kits.

The business has now grown to employ 28 staff including R&D chemists, a quality team who manage our BRC accreditation, a dedicated commercial team, finance and admin, and an operations and logistics team. Happily all staff are now able to focus on their specific areas – a welcome change from the early days!

 It’s good to sometimes don the rose tinted spectacles and take a look back – it helps you realise how much progress has been made. However given the massive progress and growth that we’ve seen since 2007 it’s pretty clear why we prefer to look forward and anticipate what the next chapter has in store for Techtron. 

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