Sustainable Palm Oil Case Study

Techtron has been working with a large pet care liquid product supplier to help substantiate a new ethical palm oil product claim. 

Following considerable media focus and recent public knowledge of issues around the production of palm oil and the impact on deforestation, our customer had considerable focus to improve its branded products raw materials and associated claims to achieve the ethical standards that are their foundation. Media activity has highlighted issues with the production of palm oil, with worldwide controversy on the destruction of animal habitats.

Our chemists initially identified raw materials that potentially contained palm oil. The raw material suppliers were contacted and were able to confirm those ingredients which did contain palm oil and were able to offer substitution or responsibly sourced variants. Currently, only 19% of palm oil farmed around the globe is responsibly sourced. Responsibly sourced palm oil can be certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) which has developed a set of environmental and social criteria to which companies must comply in the production certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO). Where we were unable to source alternatives to palm oil for specific functions, certified palm oil was used. 

Following receipt of the new ingredient samples, the products were reformulated and, as they were destined for retail shelves, 12-week accelerated stability trials were undertaken to provide product shelf life information.

The new improved versions have been approved and launched, and our customer can now claim ‘Contains RSPO Certified Ingredients’ within their product range.

Techtron has been able to conduct all questioning with suppliers, reformulation and stability within the timescales set for future production. Our customers can credibly add more ethical claims to their product range which fits with their current brand messages. 


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