Small, Complicated or Bespoke? No Problem For Techtron

Techtron ( has maintained flexibility in its packing capability throughout the company's growth by opening a small packing room (SPR) facility.

The SPR is equipped to package liquid solutions (solvent, oil, alcohol or water-based), in packs of any shape, ranging from 10ml to 20L.  This facility has allowed us to keep bespoke, more complex or smaller runs away from the high-speed lines that would otherwise cause inefficiency and therefore become less attractive.

We offer a service that enables us to work with small start-up companies, SMEs or larger companies wishing to try something new in order for us to help them grow their businesses.

The small packing room can facilitate small, complicated or bespoke packaging requirements which may seem unattractive to the average contract packer.

We have utilised this service to assist some of our larger customers in blind trials, promotions, giveaway samples and launching new SKU’s whilst waiting for volumes to grow.

We work with start-up companies and SME’s with bespoke packing requirements, for innovative products such as filling ice packs used for transporting blood and donor organs and packing creams and pastes for the bike industry.

Our SPR is often utilised to secure larger agreements which require the contract manufacturer to be able to provide a basket of goods ranging from high-volume liquid bottle filling to small runs of multi-component kits in order to offer our customer a one-stop-shop.

Our SPR team takes great pride in looking after our customers’ smaller, complicated or more bespoke packing requirements by working alongside a dedicated sales coordinator, who offers a tailored, personalised service to ensure that every requirement of each customer’s specification is met.

If you have a packaging requirement that you’d like us to look at, please call us on 01244 281628 or email us at

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