How we helped a new customer put stock back on their shelves in the midst of a pandemic:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing sector has experienced increased demand. Rodney Steel, chief executive of the BCMPA has said: “Since lockdown, we have seen a significant growth in outsourcing across every sector. In particular enquiries for personal care items, such as hand sanitisers, rocketed by over 500 per cent.”.

We're Working Safely and Growing

Supply chains have been disrupted by import and export restrictions, material availability, furlough schemes and Brexit. Through all this, we've remained operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and are proud of the systems that have been implemented to keep employees safe and production output high to keep up with demand.

During one of the most challenging years in recent times, we're pleased to have welcomed many new customers onboard who've looked to pursue private label opportunities and contract packing services.

Taking the Time to Understand Clients' Needs

One customer, in particular, moved a product line over to us for contract packing as they were facing supply chain issues with their previous supplier. This created a detrimental knock-on effect on their revenue, as they simply didn’t have enough stock to service the demand of their customers.

After being recommended to contact Techtron as an alternative supplier for their contract packing needs, we spent the time to fully understand their requirements, their timescales and their values. Following this, we explained our manufacturing process in detail and provided a projected completion date. The customer was pleased with the detailed explanation and our communication and placed their order.

Delivering Ahead of Schedule

After the order was placed, the customer delivered their IBCs of liquid product and product labels to our manufacturing facility in Deeside and we proceeded to distribute the liquid into smaller units based on the customer’s specification. Thanks to our production schedule flexibility we managed to deliver the products ahead of schedule and earlier than planned, resulting in the customer having sufficient stock to start dispatching orders once more.

The customer expressed the following feedback;

“We were impressed with the availability and efficiency at Techtron, we experienced almost no loss of bulk product throughout production. We saved money and got stock on our shelves quicker. We plan on restocking this current line with Techtron and will look to potentially move additional lines over in the future.”

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