Advice and Support for Tenders

We can offer high-volume products where tight margins apply, helping us compete as part of a tender process and backed up with considerable administrative support.

We work with a janitorial dry goods supplier that supplies products to major restaurant and pub chains, councils, healthcare providers and the NHS. Our team were tasked with supporting the customer in their tender processes. This included pricing and supporting literature such as ingredients declarations, safety data sheets, labels, performance data and dilution ratios. We work to exceptionally tight deadlines where tender processes are highly competitive.

We can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace in terms of pricing structures, cost strategies, advice on product performance requirements, and incumbent suppliers and their offerings.

We have extensive janitorial and household expertise. Our formulations include hard surface cleaners, stainless steel and glass cleaners, WUL, degreasers, toilet cleaner, foodsafe sanitisers, floor cleaners and maintainers, laundry solutions, dishwasher rinse aids, handwash, disinfectants, carpet pre-sprays, shampoos, stain removers and dry foam and oven cleaner.


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