5 Key Benefits of Working with a Contract Packer/Contract Manufacturer for your Chemical Products

5th March 2021

There are many reasons why businesses choose to work with a contract packer or contract manufacturer, such as scaling up production, reducing costs or saving time.

We are a leading chemical contract manufacturer and packer. Our BRC accredited facility boasts a range of services, including contract manufacturing, chemical bottling and filling, chemical repacking and contract packing spanning over many sectors, including, but not limited to:

Whilst the list of reasons to work with a contract packer/contract manufacturer for your chemical products is extensive, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 key benefits below.

Save Money and Increase Margins

You may be filling, producing, and packing products yourself. This is a very common way to work on a small scale, but when the demand for your product or products increases, it can be difficult to scale your operation effectively and efficiently.

We offer a flexible packing service, which is suitable for most of our customer’s needs. Our packing hall consists of six packing lines and is capable of filling bottles ranging from 50ml to 1000L. Each of the packing lines can be easily adjusted to cater for a variety of pack sizes and shapes which allows us to increase our production output when needed.

We also have a small pack room which allows us to offer maximum flexibility on small chemical bottling runs for our customers.  The small pack facility is commonly used for start-up projects, scale-ups and trial runs.

All of our chemical filling machines handle water-thin liquids through to highly viscous products at speed. This ensures efficiency and allows Techtron to provide value-for-money production.

Superior Efficiency

With a contract manufacturer or contract packer, there are systems in place that are controlled by experienced staff. Our contract packing and manufacturing facilities have been set up to run as efficiently as possible. Not only does that increase the rate of production, but it also means products are produced with fewer mistakes.

At Techtron, finished products are examined continually throughout the manufacturing process, right up to the moment of dispatch to ensure that non-conformities are kept to a minimum. Batch and packed product samples are retained for up to five years and are reviewed regularly by our quality control team.  


If you are filling, producing, and packing products yourself and the demand for your product increases rapidly, you may be in a position where your infrastructure cannot keep up. This is obviously a less than ideal situation and could cost you orders and subsequently revenue Even if the increased demand is seasonal, it is worth considering outsourcing work to a contract packer or manufacturer to help during these times to ensure your customers remain happy.

At Techtron, our services are available whenever suits you. We're flexible enough to tackle the demand for your product at any time.

Technical Knowledge and Experience

If you're looking to produce a product in a sector that has a host of different legislation and regulations (like chemicals or cosmetics), you would certainly benefit from having a technical resource. Our experienced technical team are available to provide information on the products we have formulated and produced for you. The team are experts on chemical regulation and are more than happy to supply you with any information you may need, whether this may be a question from your customer or additional documentation that you need for a specific distribution channel.

Fewer Links in your Supply Chain

Some businesses may have complicated supply chains, different materials may need to be sourced from various places which can soon become overwhelming and costly when having to order components over multiple products. We utilize our strong relationships with a network of suppliers in the industry to source components on your behalf, which could include raw materials or packaging.

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