Techtron Successfully Complete Sedex Audit

24th March 2021

We've successfully completed our biennial Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), from the members association Sedex, a globally recognised organisation working to improve workers rights within supply chains across the world.

Conducted by the BSI Group

Our audit was conducted by the BSI Group, a leading external organisation accredited to complete Sedex audits. The SMETA audit provides insight into a business’s supply chain, by exploring processes in place within each premises. Health and safety processes are closely monitored to address any potential issues via an action plan.

Audited Since 2018

We've conducted a SMETA audit within our manufacturing site since 2018, allowing us to continue trading with retail customers with a strong accreditation, whilst increasing morale amongst staff as we continue to adhere to the ETI base code. The ETI base code is a globally recognised set of practices, in relation to labour, outlining workers rights requirements. Requirement examples include no child labour, discrimination, or inhumane treatment, whilst providing regular employment, hygienic conditions, and paid living wages.

To perform the audit, we completed a pre-audit questionnaire, with a full-site audit and a documentation review of health and safety, and HR/personnel documentation. A selection of staff were selected by the auditor to assist. General Manager Clare Rowe led the audit and was supported by Quality Manager Lynne Wilson and Financial Controller, Jayne Price. Our parent company Rubery Owen also supported with personnel documentation.

Fair Treatment of Staff

We are proud of the work that we do to ensure fair treatment of our staff, ensure that ethical trading practices are maintained and health and safety standards in line with UK regulations are upheld. Our team understand the importance of adherence to the ETI base code, and the implementation of a robust health and safety system with Group Consultant, Eric Koz, Plus Safety.   

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