Household and Janitorial

We have long-standing partnerships with customers in the Household and Janitorial sectors, manufacturing liquid solutions and detergents to meet a variety of needs.  We would be delighted to work with you to develop bespoke cleaning and detergent formulations.

We have worked with our current customers to develop biocidal low alkaline floor cleaners, heavy-traffic area cleaners for use in warehouses and industrial areas.  We have created solvent degreasers for impacted soiling for the removal of oils, grease, tar and bitumen, biological oil stain removers which can be used on blockwork, paving stones, concrete, forecourts, garage floors, driveways and equipment.

We provide polished floor maintainers, tough and general purpose carpet cleaner formulation, pH neutral sprays and cleaners, heavy-duty carpet and upholstery cleaners.  We offer concentrate detergent formulation and manufacture of foam control products for extraction machines, dry foam cleaners, solvent degreaser, stain guards, leather cleaners, conditioners, protection creams and ink removers.  We have carpet stain kits, rust stain removers, water-based gels, general detergents and oil-based stain removers.

Our janitorial expertise is extensive and includes products for food and beverage preparation areas and catering hygiene products, such as kitchen degreasers, oven cleaning, washing up liquids, dish washing machine products and drain maintenance solutions.  We offer super concentrates and washroom hygiene products such as washroom cleansers, toilet cleaners and descalers.

We manufacture surface cleaners and disinfectants, furniture polish and window cleaners, air fresheners and traffic soil removers, laundry products and solutions for open and closed plant cleaning.  We can offer hand, hair and body wash and hand sanitisers.

We work with our commercial cleaning and food and beverage customers to develop liquid solutions to leave their kitchens sparkling clean.  We have an impressive array of commercial kitchen products, including kitchen extract and duct cleaners, deep cleaners to combat resinous grease and carbon removal, disinfectants for surfaces in contact with food, stainless steel cleaners and polishes to remove residue and water marks, water displacing products, rust removers for steel surfaces, water softeners and leak detectors in a variety of colours.

We offer expertise in the manufacture of all-purpose sprays and penetrants, cleaners and degreasers for electric sensitive areas, restorers for plastics, vinyl and coated surfaces.  We can help you develop hard surface cleaners, products for removing ingrained soiling, water-based alternatives to cellulose thinners and paint strippers.

Whether you’re interested in cleaning product formulation, detergent formulation or other industrial chemicals, we can help.

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