Experts in Chemical Formulation

We exclusively supply our customers’ own brand products and do not supply products to the end user. Techtron’s intellectual property is made up of 1000+ chemical formulations, covering various market sectors including automotive, janitorial, household, aerospace, pet and veterinary, cosmetics, corrosion inhibitors, low impact biologicals, institutional cleaners, garden care and maintenance.

Our team of chemical formulation experts formulate and reformulate products to enable our customers to offer the best cleaning performance for the best value, whilst providing the safest option. Our in-house testing capabilities include:

  • Bench mark performance testing and reporting to allow comparative assessment on cleaning, adherence, corrosion, surface retention and biocidal efficacy etc.
  • Physico-chemical testing including pH, viscosity, SG, total solids, foam height, conductivity, RI etc
  • In-house microbiological capabilities to include TVC and microbiological counts, identification and challenge testing and the facility for QC positive release. We also have links with the University of Wolverhampton for the bespoke design of biological products.

Consumers are becoming better informed and educated about the products they use and the ingredients they contain, but still have high expectations for performance. This presents challenges for chemical formulation, however, we've developed long-standing relationships with external laboratories to allow for the provision of accredited reports on ecotoxicity, toxicology and human safety assessments. Within Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd, Techtron also has access to an ISO 17025 metallurgical and composite testing facility which offers an extensive schedule of accredited tests including microstructural evaluation and corrosion testing, including those required by CLP.

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