3 Benefits of Private Labelling

8th April 2021

What is Private Labelling?

Private label, or white label, is a product that is branded by a retailer or brand owner. Examples of private label products could be a supermarket's own brand of product that is marketed alongside a major brand.
Private labelling is common in many different sectors, from cosmetics and household cleaners to pet supplies. As a retailer or online retailer, private labelling could be an opportunity that could be implemented to increase profit and decrease competition in your sector.
We offer 100’s of products over multiple sectors for private labelling, and below we explore the top 3 benefits of private labelling.

1. Exclusivity

Private labelling allows you to brand a product that will resonate directly with your target market based on your own research and experience. It is a great way to separate yourself from your competitors. Branding a product that has been made with your target audience in mind will help to build strong customer recognition, if this is done well, you will become your customers' primary source for the product you are offering. 

2. Loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the greatest benefits of private labelling. By offering your customers high-quality products and great customer service you will find that your customer will return to re-purchase your product. From this if you are to add new products to your range your customers are likely to consider these products over a competitor as they have a positive attachment to your brand. 

3. Increased Revenue

Last but not the least, private label products offer higher profit margins compared to reselling existing brands. Because you will be purchasing products directly from the manufacturer, you can take advantage of cutting out the costs incurred from extra links in supply chains.

Next Steps in Our Private Label Process

  • Choose your product. Choose your product from our readily available formulations, if you are looking for something bespoke – look at our chemical formulation process.
  • Choose your packaging. Choose what style and size bottle you would like your product to be supplied in. This could be packaging that we hold in stock or you may want to utilize our network of packaging suppliers to find the perfect bottle for your product. 
  • Design your label. We will supply you with all the technical information needed to create your product labels. We will also outline any marketing claims that can be substantiated against the ingredients in your product. Once you have your first draft ready, our regulatory and compliance team will review your artwork to ensure that all necessary information is present and displayed in a suitable format. If there are any amendments to be made, we will work with you to ensure they are compliant.
  • Send your order. Once you raise a purchase order with us, our administration team will confirm receipt of your order and advise you on a date of manufacture for your goods. We will keep you updated on the status of your order throughout the process. All our private label products are released with corresponding safety documentation, including your own branded safety data sheets. 
  • Receive your goods. Finally, once your products have been blended, filled, labelled, and packed you have the choice to get your products delivered to your chosen address by our hauliers or you can arrange collection – whichever works best for you and your business. We have experience working with third-party pick and pack warehouses for kitting operations and we also deliver directly to Amazon and many other companies. This means you can produce your own private label chemical products without needing any dedicated warehousing.

After Sales Support

We do not disappear after the sale is complete, our dedicated Account Managers are only a call away. We will help you to identify more opportunities within your chosen markets and, should you receive any technical questions about your products, we would be happy to assist.
For help with any new product developments phone on 01244 434 380 or email us, we are always happy to provide information on our products and services. 
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